Monday, June 25, 2012

Virtual Vacation

For those of you who aren't getting away this summer, feel free to live vicariously through me. Just kidding. Though we did have a great time! How about a tour? We stayed somewhere half way between Montego Bay and Negril in a nice quiet out of the way resort called the Lady Hamilton (fancy pants, I know). It was a fairly new resort so everything was nicely maintained.

We were greeted with this cute little arrangement on our bed. The room was small but nice and had a very well stocked mini bar.

Each of the little villas had a court-yard in the middle. (luckily the fountain turned off around 10pm and stayed off until 9am so we didn't go crazy)

Everything was very colonial and light and airy.

We also found quite a few fruit trees around the property.

The landscaping was spectacular.

 The main pool was pretty nice too, but too crowded for our taste.

There was also a weird mix of art.

We spent probably 90% of our awake time here.

I loved that our hotel had an adults only section which was quiet and less of a party atmosphere. The snorkeling was great for the amateur (which we are). It never got very deep and there was sandy spots to stop and rest fairly often. We saw an amazing amount of fish in that little area. My favorites were the octopi, cuttle fish and puffers but there was also a dizzying array of brightly colored beauties as well.

There were some other nice beaches on the grounds as well.

I also got some action shots of my DIY beach cover up. I actually saw a few of these around which was pretty cool.

We also saw some wildlife. Mostly in the form of feral cats.

Sleek little lizard hunters that they were. This Mama decided our porch was a safe place to nurse. We saw her quite often.

There were also the usual suspects. We found these wasps building a nest.

And one of the few surviving lizards.

We had a couple of afternoon rain storms but nothing that put a damper on our parade. The only thing I'd change was the food wasn't super. Though it did remind me a bit of dorm food which was kind of fun since that is where Daniel and I met. All in all it was a great third honeymoon.


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  1. So glad you had a great time! Jamaica truly is a gorgeous place!