Thursday, June 7, 2012

Add to the List of Jobs I'll Never Have

Full time painter. Sure it is fun for a little while but I figure when we are done with the kitchen I will have painted the cabinets 8 times. 8 times Ferris, 8 times... Luckily Daniel is the best and has been trying his best to help between work duties. Gotta love having a husband who works from home. He is also the meticulous one and is very happy to sand down paint drips and remove dog hair. In fact, dog hair in the paint has been our biggest problem yet. **sigh**

Today marks the third and hopefully final coat for the backs of the doors and cabinet boxes.

We've got cabinet doors in just about every room of the house at the moment. I sure to envy people with large garages or basements.

Since I've got nothing else to show, how's this for a giggle?

Pug love!


  1. Haha! Cute puppy! The cabinet doors look good too! Can't wait to see them in place!

  2. 8 times! Oh you poor thing. They look really good though :)

  3. Oh my... You're making me scared to paint our cabinets! Good luck to you!