Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Updating the Back 40

My parent's house actually has a back 40 but ours is rather smaller. Still, I did finally finish planting it which is something to celebrate!

We added this cute little Japanese maple from Costco ($35!!) and some nice ground cover. My hydrangea from last year is looking good too. I also put down some weed block so hopefully it wont all get over grown again.

That spindly stick is our silk tree which apparently doesn't even get leaves until mid summer. Who knew?

But since this space looked more like this 6 months ago...

I'm excited for the rest of the progress.

My Irises are finally blooming too. I was not expecting these color combinations but I think they are pretty sweet.

And finally, a full picture of the yard. You can see by the upper corner I've got some branches to get rid of but I am keeping that spot free of plants for my shed. Hopefully we can break ground on that when we get home.

It's a pretty far cry from what it looked like last year before we left for our honeymoon.

The painting saga continues. With a minor miracle they will be hung before we leave so hopefully I will not disappoint!

Anyone else been working on yard work? It is the time of year for it here. We've had some great weather.

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