Friday, October 7, 2011

Meet the Newest Keller

Meet Honey Bunch.

We got her yesterday from the Humane Society.

She is 2 months old and so tiny I can hold her in one hand.

So far Norman seems more confused by her than anything but she is a calm little girl and puts up with his gentle prodding nicely. We are hoping as she gets bigger he will come to like her even more.

We named her Honey Bunch after the classic children's book by Helen Louise Thorndyke published in the 1950's.


I have two of the original printings that were my mothers sitting in the front room and have always loved the names. Now we have both!

She is poly-dactyl which means she has extra toes
See how it looks like she has mittens instead of paws? Those are her extra toes. She has two extra on the right and one extra on the left. It is like she has thumbs, she is so dexterous. Honey's favorite things to do are sit on my shoulders and play with her green ball. Scroll down for some gratuitous ball playing shots.

Seriously, too cute! We are excited to have her in the family. Now it will just be a few months of carefully controlling her interactions with Norman so ensure she grows to love him too.
They just worm in to our hearts don't they.


  1. OMG! She is so, so cute!! I love the toes. Love them. I can't believe how tiny she is. I haven't had one that little in over 10 years. Have fun with her. Norman will be a great big brother.

  2. Honey Bunch is KAH-YUTE!!!!!!!! Holy Cow! Aren't they just the best entertainment??!!

    I'm your newest follower. :)