Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Hope you all had a great weekend. Mine was full of family, fall and work. But hey, when work involves going to the NW Chocolate Festival who can really complain?

It was a blast. There were four different rooms that focused on different aspects of chocolate. One was about learning about how chocolate is made.

This guy is actually hand grinding cacao nibs into chocolate. I would imagine you wouldn't eat as much if you had to do this every time you wanted a treat.

The room focused on the different parts of what makes up chocolate and the different types (dark, milk and white).

These are some of the components of chocolate. All chocolate comes from beans (bottom left) and cacao trees only grow 20 degrees north and south of the equator which adds to its rarity.

Then there was the cooking with chocolate room, the aphrodisiac room (which was odd) and the tasting room. You can guess which was the most popular.

The festival lasted all weekend with our chocolatiers and owner doing demonstrations and talks. Our Anise ganache stuffed fig won best confections which we were totally stoked on! To top it all off it was a beautiful fall day. Look at those colors!

I love fall don't you? I did manage to get some things done this weekend but not as much as I'd like but that's life right? We did make great fish and chips Friday for our Good Eats Challenge (I'll share later).

 Are you all ready for Halloween? For those of you who have trick-or-treaters, what time do they usually start? This is my first year with a house that might get kids so I'm trying to be prepared.


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