Thursday, October 27, 2011

It Isn't Fall Without...

A trip to the pumpkin patch! We've been to pumpkin patches before but this was the cutest. It was up in Snohomish just 45 min out of Seattle. Gorgeous day and great pumpkining.

Daniel carted everyone's pumpkins around while we searched for bigger and better ones.

We picked these two because they looooooooove each other.

There were hay rides and cider and a little barn yard for the kids.

We went our friends Cj and Erin and their little girl Bobbie and met up with Daniel's aunt Pam.

Bobbie had more fun on the grass than with the pumpkins but I think that is usual for a 17 month old.

It rained a little but it was still perfect. In true Seattleite form we carried our coffee with us everywhere.

Then of course we had to carve our perfect pumpkins.

With a little help from the kitty (she was looking for brains).

I love how they turned out.


They looooooooove each other.

Anyone else have a good pumpkin carving? I think we were the only ones there without kids but it is my favorite part of Halloween!

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  1. We're planning on carving pumpkins tomorrow... and we don't have kids. haha Why should they have all of the fun?!