Thursday, October 13, 2011

Finally Finished!

One of the last things on my to finish list this summer was repainting our dresser.

Here's the BEFORE:

and the AFTER

Much better if you ask me. I painted it Behr's Solar Fusion in a high gloss. I also picked up some new pulls from our Re-Store to give it more of an eastern feel. I like the way it plays with the yellow in our bedspread. Once I get a nice mocha-ie brown on the walls the whole room will feel warm and inviting.

This was my first full color furniture painting experience and I was worried Daniel would hate it but he surprised me and really likes the color. See, I'll make a color lover out of him yet! Anyone else have a husband who is afraid of color? Any tips? Daniel is great because he lets me try just about anything but there is always the chance I'll have to paint something twice if he hates it.


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  1. What a dramatic change. I liked the before but I LOVE the after. Amazing.

  2. It looks amazing! When it comes to color you never know until you try it and it can always be changed..I love the element of surprise for someone who cannot visualize it until they see it complete - and they love it!

  3. That is a great color for the shape of that piece! It really makes it pop. Glad he liked it :)