Friday, October 14, 2011

A Spooky Mantle Update

Since Halloween is around the corner, I finally got going on some decorating (Yay!).  You saw the front door vignette but it was time to update the mantle with some spooky decor. Luckily Target had all the little things I needed to finish it off.

This is what I had for the fall mantle party

And here it is now:

Let me tell you how hard it was to find little spiders! The only way I could get them was in a bag of 100 at Target so I went crazy with them. And no, I didn't just forget to dust (though I did have a spider leave an egg on my bedroom curtain which then hatched exploding baby spiders all over the place. My husband loved that one).
 My SPOOKY came from the dollar section of Target (well the $2.50 section ) and was originally purple. It was all beat up so I asked for a discount on it and got .25 off! Yay for asking (though I felt remarkably silly since I knew I was going to paint it black anyway). I just added a coat of Martha Stewart Onyx glitter to the last coat of black craft paint to make it sparkle again.

I tucked spiders everywhere!

This huge beetle actually came from the garden. I was weeding the side yard a few weeks ago and he just about scared my socks off. I thought it was the perfect addition with my little book page pumpkins.

Of course my leather bound books got some spookying up too. My first edition Elizabeth Barrett Browning is my pride and joy and Les Miserables makes me think of my best friend Jessie.

Very spooky indeed! Daniel's only comment was that he hoped we could still use the fireplace with all the webbing on it but I think deep down he loves it. I can't wait to get to the pumpkin patch and add some carved pumpkins to the mix! I love the holidays don't you?

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  1. Spiders give me the creeps and I am feeling it right now looking at your mantle, successfully dressed up for halloween. Wow! Love the web on the leather books. Great job!

  2. I love both versions of your mantle. I have branches on my mantle too and now I think I need to add some spiderwebs!
    Great blog!

  3. I have been wanting to make some book page pumpkins. Great use of webs! I normally put webs up, but I didn't this year.

  4. Love all the spiderwebs but truly love that the frogy lizard guy sitting there! Holy toledo did you really find that out in your garden. I'm sure I would have jumped to high heaven and screamed like a girl. Wait I am a girl! Amazing!

    Love your sunburst mirror, wow!