Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Kitty Ghost Hunter

Since neither Michelle @ Ten June nor I got our next 30 day photo challenge done I thought I'd post this little fun tidbit.  This weekend I found this little tutorial on 320* Sycamore for making these cool cheese cloth ghosts.

october 2011 072 1

So I gathered my supplies and got going. I used paint cans to make the form and height and added a bowl and a ball of foil for the heads. 

Then I draped them in the cheese cloth and sprayed with my spray starch.

Two coats and a day later I had these neat ghosts

I arranged them by the fire place and went downstairs to get some felt for the eyes. When I came back upstairs I was greeted with this amusing sight

She ain't afraid of no ghosts. And while my cute ghosts were ruined I can sleep safely at night knowing I have a kitty ghost hunter to keep me safe. It's a good thing we love our pets right?

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  1. She's just protecting her mommy! So cute. I'm so scared about the Christmas tree this year...have you thought ahead to that yet? Eek!

  2. That is just hilarious. Made my night :) you have such a good attitude about it!

  3. too cute and too funny! i had a balloon for my Up halloween costume that my dog thought was an intruder and wouldn't stop barking at. but at least she didn't attack it!

  4. that's hilarious! great post!

  5. My cats are the reason I can't have nice things too! Just adorable!