Thursday, October 20, 2011

Paint Stirrer Mirror

Not going to lie, I love Starburst mirrors. I think they are fun and elegant and make a nice show piece for a blank wall. I love the one in my living room but I had another mirror laying around after that project that needed a home. Where else to turn but Pinterest. I had seen this one by Centsational Girl a few months back but had totally forgotten about it. A few trips to the hardware store later I had my mirror.

It was easy to do and free (since I had the gold spray paint and mirror on hand). Centasional Girl's tutorial is great. I only differed in a few ways. I used spray paint instead of regular paint and I didn't trim the curved edges off of the paint sticks. I like the lighter amount of sticks I used also, her's is much more dense. It fits perfectly on the wall in the bathroom. The gold plays nicely with the brass fixtures of the tub and the mirror adds light. Got to love a quick and easy project!



  1. I think you did a great job here..sunburst mirrors make quite a statement.

  2. I'm a sunburst sucker too. Gold is working it's way back into my heart...