Sunday, January 12, 2014

DIY Changing Mat Clutch

I don't know if it is nesting, but I've been going a bit crazy with sewing projects. I'm hoping this one comes in handy (haha).

I found a great little fabric shop in Ballard that has some of the best fabrics. Made by Marzipan's tutorial was super easy to follow, even for the novice seamstress that I am.

The one change I made to her plans was that I used a laminated cotton for the mat pad to make it wipeable (she uses a clear vinyl over the fabric instead).

Cute for something that will see a lot of not so cute stuff right? So tell me, was this a waste of time? Did any of you veteran mommies use these? I feel like I am riffling around in the dark with the whole baby item thing. There are so many lists with all of the "must haves" that seem silly to me that I wonder what I really need to be focusing on.

In other news, we started painting the nursery this weekend and I'm loving how it is coming together. I have a feeling it will be my new favorite room in the house!



  1. I never used a changing table at home, mostly because my daughter liked to jump off anything, but I think your mat would be really useful at parks or public places where you don't feel good laying him on the ground.
    You did a great job and I love the laminated fabric.

  2. Keeps me looking! This DIY changing mat clutch is absolutely perfect to our new cabin. Your sewing project Emily is not just a simple art but straight to the point ideas. I am coming to make on of this. Awesome!

    Sebastian Chuter