Monday, November 19, 2012

I Hate it, Paint it.

Daniel and I have a decorating rule that says I can try anything I want as long as I am willing to change it if he doesn't like it. Until now, I've won him over with every design idea I've had. Not so much this one.

When we painted the bedroom I decided it was time to paint the hall between the bedroom and Library as well. It's a silly hall that eventually will be gone (I want to pull the bathroom out in to the space and have a Jack and Jill bathroom between the Master and the Library. Here it is in all it's lavender glory.

Since we got rid of the door from the kitchen (see the patch?) it needed some updating. I figured, I'll paint it the same color as the bedroom but half the tint. I figured that would be a lighter version of the bedroom and would make a nice transition. Well, either the paint guy screwed up or I don't understand paint because what I got was not exactly what I was expecting.

It ended up a bit darker but I thought it was fabulous! Daniel's first thought? Apparently it made him feel like he was in a cave. **sigh** A deal's a deal, so we went out and bought another gallon of paint. Martha's Morning Mist. 

Score one for compromise! (sorry for the inconsistent photos, the hall is an odd angle to shoot)

Anyone else compromising lately? I still like the darker color better but I'd rather have something we both like that something I love and he hated.


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