Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A New Screen Door and Another Check

Ok, so this wasn't technically on the To Be Completed list but it needed to happen. When I fixed the screen door two years ago I didn't actually finish it (yeah, not a surprise really). I never put the trim back to secure the screen and eventually it came apart. So for a year I had a screen door with no screen. Not exactly serving its purpose. This time when I stapled on my screening I actually added the trim (you can see the thin trim on the back of the screen but not the front).

Now the screen will stay put!

I used the same paint left over from the front door (Ben Moore in Wales Green). Originally I wanted to paint it a bright citrus but Daniel nixed it. Oh well, this is fun and cheery too!

 I am also happy to report that my painted rug is holding up quite nicely.  I am thinking of repainting both porches but for now they got a good washing and we are calling it done.

Slowly ticking off the boxes. Now I want to paint the back door. What do you think? Super high gloss black? Deep dark blue? A rich mocha? All I know is I want it dark.


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