Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Gold Mining and Family

Last weekend we took off to La Paz Mexico for a family reunion. Daniel's family has a pretty strange (and fun) past. Way back, Daniel's grandfather bought a gold mine in Baja California (near La Paz) . Daniel's father, aunt and uncle grew up at the mine living in a house out in the desert.

When Daniel was young his parents took him and his sister there for months on end.

They would pitch a tent in the old building and camp out under the stars.

You can even still see the wall where they marked their heights going back to when Daniel's father was young.

It had been 20 years since Daniel was last at the mine but this year everyone came together and made a vacation out of it. We spent one whole day their checking out the house, the mine, and playing in the arroyo (which of course included posing with some surprisingly shaped flora).

The best thing was getting to spend time with Daniel's cousins and aunts and uncles reminiscing about their youth. 

The mine never really produced any gold but it did produce quite a few fond memories from every generation. 

Now my height is up on the wall officially adding me to the legacy. Who knows, maybe we will bring our children out here some day to experience the fun.


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