Thursday, June 27, 2013

Settling Back In

We are finally home again after a whirl-wind month of travel. Every time I leave, I always come home with more ideas and more love for my home.

There is so much inspiration out there that it can be overwhelming but I love the steady flow of ideas I have when I'm in a new environment.

Warning- This post is picture heavy, so prepare for a virtual slide show. If only I had a dark, wood paneled den to invite you all in to...

This year, for our third honeymoon, we went to the Bahamas.  We relaxed in the sand, took in some cultural sights and played with the local wildlife.

We didn't stay there, but we had to make the trip out to see Atlantis. (Have you seen the commercials? Insane)

It was as over the top and expensive as advertised. We went through their aquariums which were probably the least interesting to most but I loved them. They had a HUGE manta ray.

This doesn't even do it justice, this thing was like 10ft across.

Seeing the cruise ships was pretty neat. They are massive!

Downtown was cute and well maintained.

My favorite trip was to the zoo. It wasn't really an animal zoo but more of a bird zoo. Including a flock of wild flamingos roaming the grounds.

They had some neat reptiles and things too.

But the best was the Capybara.

Don't you just want one?

It looks like we were really busy but that was really the only day we left the comfort of the hotel. The rest of the time was filled with sun, sand, and cocktails. Which to me, is the best type of vacation.

Now that we are home, it is time to settle back in to life. We have some progress to make on the bathroom still but I'm taking my time.


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