Thursday, June 6, 2013


I have for you an almost complete bathroom before and after. Why isn't it complete? Time is a tough mistress.  Still, it is worth taking a peak.


So Far

We didn't move much plumbing (the sink skooched over about a foot) so the shower and toilet are in the exact same spots. I think it helps highlight just how much we changed things.

Obviously paint needs to happen and trim but otherwise things are done. I am so happy to be finished with this project! This is my favorite project so far. I think mostly because of just how much we changed (for the better!). It is really easy to look back and see how worth it it was. I love before and after photos don't you?

Why the sort-of reveal? Daniel and I are off to La Paz, Mexico for a family reunion this week. As you read this I am winging over CA on my way to sun and sea so things might be a little quiet around the blog this month. I've got a few little posts lined up but we will be back and wrapping up the bathroom in July.


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  1. Fantastic job. It's such an improvement on the old layout. Have a great time in Mexico!