Thursday, January 17, 2013

DIY House Numbers

I pinned this post about lettering wood months ago with no purpose in mind. So it sat there. Waiting for some inspiration. Then I got it! We need numbers on our front door! Ta-Da!

Before our recent tree removal finding the house was a bit of a pain. You could never really tell what the address was with all of the trees obscuring the view from the street. Now that it is open, I wanted to change that.

Jamie's tutorial was super easy to follow. Just print out what you want to letter and tape it to whatever you want.

I used Algerian font type at 400pts. The tracing was actually the hardest part. My door was not soft, nor smooth so my pencil skipped all over the place. Don't worry though, it is mostly a guide line of sorts. The whole project probably took me 2-3 hours and two coats of black paint.

Not the smoothest but I still like the over all look of the hand lettering.

Here's the door, unadorned.

And adorned.

The only downside? If I want to change the door color I'll have to repaint my numbers. Here's to hoping I don't get tired of my door any time soon.

Anyone else try there hand at hand lettering? Michelle over at Decor and the Dog made a super neat sign/ resolution reminder which I love!


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  1. Love it! I need to do this. Our numbers are tiny and impossible to see. Adding them to the door like this might be a great alternative.