Friday, January 11, 2013

Here We Go 2013!

What can I say? Between Blogger issues, holidays, and work I have fallen off the blogging bandwagon. I'm not ashamed. Life has been pretty great to me and this year is looking better than ever.

I thought it would be fun to take a quick look back at my resolutions from last year and see how I fared.

1. Be better with our budget. Not too shabby. We hit all of our savings goals as well as taking a few fun trips. I say it is working out just fine. 

2. Be a better house keeper. Eh. Not so much. Though with the addition of the iRobot Daniel got me for my birthday the house is getting vacuumed regularly. So I'll file this in the to work on list. 

3. See more of Seattle and greater WA. Total and utter fail. **sigh** But I do have plans to head on down to Portland at the end of the month for the Young House Love book signing so we are working on this one!

4. Exercise outside more.  I nailed this one. My half marathon behind me and a 4 day a week running schedule has left me happy and pleasantly fit. Go me!

5. Take it one thing at a time. I'm calling this one a draw. I do have a few unfinished projects around here but by and large I've done a decent job with follow through.

6. Quit stressing.  I'm totally calling a win on this one. I managed to get through Christmas with the in Laws without worrying about the half finished art or not even started bathroom remodel.  Here's to hoping I can keep it going through the new year. 

So what has everyone else been up to? I've been remiss in my blog reading as much as my writing. Though the last few weeks I think I had a pretty good excuse.


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  1. Good job :) I thinkk I have accomplished most of my goals and did cut back on Christmas like I wanted. My biggest goal this year is to sell a lot and put the money in the moving fund but the hardest part will be finding the right place..I am determinded to make it so will keep working on day at a time :)