Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Spring Time!

And it's about time! It seems like winter is finally shedding its coat here and spring just might be right around the corner. My daffodils are up and blooming so I figured it was about time to do something about my chalkboard art.

Not quite so merry in March...

I did a quick Pinterest search of "spring chalk boards" and found this lovely one from Ella Claire

She has a great link to an explanation on how to do a chalkboard the right way but I just free handed it. I don't mind that it isn't perfect.

I topped it off with some moss from the back yard to give it even more spring time appeal.

A quick little update while I recuperate from my back injury. No demoing for me any time soon. Luckily it is all done for the bathroom and we are on to the electrical and plumbing phases of the project. Fingers crossed we will be done with at least one of those this weekend!


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  1. Sorry to hear about your back. Love your chalkboard update.