Thursday, April 4, 2013


Daniel and I spend 12 hours last weekend doing the electrical work needed for our bathroom renovation. Well, mostly it was Daniel. I spent 12 hours handing him things and listening as he worked out how to re-wire a three way switch.

Now we are not electricians, nor would I recommend doing anything you aren't comfortable with, but so far we haven't blown ourselves up (I kid). Daniel swears by Wiring a Home by Rex Cauldwell and even I can understand it but it definitely isn't light reading. Just remember, when in doubt, turn off the main breaker.

As usual, the end result often looks worse than before but we got everything we wanted accomplished (I even wired a light switch all by my self!). We ran all of the wiring for the bathroom, fixed the three way switch in the hall and moved the hall light.

Please excuse the temporary light and temporary hole. The only thing left before we can start drywalling is the plumbing (which should be a hoot).


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