Friday, May 24, 2013

Pin-Organizing! Pinganizing? Pinizing?

In an effort to get through my unfinished project list, and just corral my 2,179 pins, I've decided to create a Pinterest board just for things I'm currently working on. Rule is, no new business, just pins I already have.

This also helps me from losing pins. Do you have that problem? You find a pin, think it's great, and then go to find/do it only to forget where you actually put it? Yeah, it's a problem. So I've condensed down to things I'm actually going to do. Maybe not all this week, but they will get done. Then I will move on to new things.  See how this works?

Here's the whole board if you are interested in following my progress, but here's a sneak peek at what is in the queue.

Kitchen organization!

Rain barrels!

The ever present bathroom renovation 

And so much more!

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