Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Baskets and Baskets

Ladies and gentleman, we have tile!

We were just too excited to wait so Daniel took the afternoon off and we got the whole floor tiled in about 4 hours. There was also about an hour of prep, which was definitely the most important part. First we laid the tile all around the perimeter.

This helped up make sure our pattern fit the space (I wanted to cut as few tiles as possible) and allowed us to adjust for the fact that our room is not quite square.

After that it was mortar, tile, clean up and done. I put the tile down and Daniel came behind adjusting the pattern and cleaning up. All in all it was surprisingly easy and quick (at least compared to the kitchen tile). The mesh made it easy to get things even and the fact that it basically meant you were putting down a square foot of tile at a time.

Grout? That's a different story. We are hoping to get the shower tiled this weekend and then grout the whole thing at once.

Who else is in the middle of a tiling project? I'm looking forward to it all being done.



  1. Looks great! We are planning to tile both our hall and master bathrooms. We just haven't found the motivation to start yet:( I'm hoping we will tackle it over Memorial Day weekend. We shall see. Good luck with the grout! Love that tile.

    1. You can do it! Patience is definitely the key.