Thursday, May 2, 2013

Tumbling Down

So a few months ago my mother was visiting and we were sitting around chatting when we heard a CRASH coming from the kitchen. 

The aftermath. 

My beautiful floating shelves apparently got fed up with carrying all of my cook books and did a nose dive. Boo!

We still aren't sure what to do with the space in the long term. Do we dare to do shelves again? For now, I shopped the house and pulled this little corner together.

It definitely holds all of the cook books (and a few other important items). I'm not loving the color it is in here so if it stays it will probably get a coat or two of paint.

I propped up our monthly calender (which I just realized needs to be changed to May) added my pompom flowers, piggy bank, and that cute bug tray for a key catch all.

Don't you love it? Cost plus is selling them right now for $1.99. I got all three styles but this one is my favorite.

What do you think? Is this a keeper? Or did you like the floating shelf better? Daniel want's the shelves back but I am skeptical we can make it work better this time. 



  1. Bummer about the shelves! That stinks! Maybe it would work with a different kind of shelf?

    1. I was thinking wood would be a bit sturdier but I loved the look of the Plexi. Daniel thinks there is a way to reinforce it but I have my doubts :-p