Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Smoothing Things Over

Our bathroom renovation is moving along at a decent pace. We are about ready to tile so I thought I'd share one step that was vital to successfully tiling the floor. Leveling.

You can see from this old picture of the downstairs bathroom that the flooring was a mess.

There was the old tile to be pulled up, newly exposed concrete (from moving that wall) and a post hole that was sticking out like a sore thumb. Obviously if I was planning on having a smooth floor something needed to happen. 

That is where floor leveler comes in. It is basically a really think liquid cement layer that you can pour on to a surface to smooth it out. It is self-leveling, which means it sinks in to low spots and makes everything nice and smooth. 

We used LevelQuik from the Home Depot. It was a pretty simple process. Daniel mixed it up in two batches. 

And then we poured it on to the floor. I started in the back corner and nudged things in to the places I knew needed to be filled.

It took one whole bag but now I have a nice clean smooth floor.

It dries just like concrete, so in about 12 hours we were done. Now everything is smooth and level and ready for our tiles.

I am so excited to get to tiling! They should arrive next week so hopefully our bathroom is only two weeks to completion! Now I just have to figure out paint colors...



  1. Nice... We used the same stuff when remodeling a basement bathroom at our cottage last year. It was marvelous. I did all of the tiling, floor, & the entire shower... lost 20 lbs. seriously.... it is a lot of work..
    Tip... paint before you tile.. you can spill all over the floor & it will be covered up : )

    1. It was amazing! I agree with the painting. I just need a working bathroom again and I'm being wishy washy about the color...

  2. You're doing such a great job. A lot of people skip steps like that, so kudos for doing it the right way.

    1. Thanks! We are trying to be slow and methodical. After seeing how bad it can get if you skip steps I am not at all inclined!