Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Covering Up

When we upgraded our door hardware there was just one thing that got left behind.

That ugly brass deadbolt was a bit of an eyesore. To top it off, there was no key to it (the house had five different deadbolts and one key when we moved in) so if you locked it there was no way in without unlocking it from the inside. As you can imagine, that caused some problems. 

So here is a nice little before and after for you (I'm full of them right now aren't I)



Not bad right? Obviously there was a huge hole in the door when I removed the deadbolt but never fear, Home Depot is here! The cover only came in brass which wouldn't have been any better than what I had but that's nothing a coat a ORB can't fix right?

The idea is simple. They are just metal plates that attach through the door (I threw the package out before I took a picture so this is the closest I could find). Like so

Hole Cover Plate, 2 5/8" Polished Brass

Here it is installed from the other side

Simple easy and done. Besides waiting for the paint to dry the whole project took around 5 minutes and about $5 (I already had the paint). Maybe one day we will get a new door but I rather like this one, so for now, this is perfect. 

Who doesn't love an easy fix? 


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  1. I've never seen those before. That is an easy fix! Way to go!