Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Dining Room Bling

I love my little chandelier but I have always dreamed of something more. Something like this in fact.


Every time I'm out and about I always swing by my local ReStore hoping to get lucky. I've seen a few but they are always sold by the time I get to them. Not this time. I jumped on that baby and now she is mine.

What do you think?

It was really heavy so we thought we'd let it hang for a while with some pillows underneath just in case it fell. 

Norman thought we were making the floor particularly comfortable just for him. In the end we abandoned the pillows and trusted that we used the right hardware. So far thing thing is staying up.

Here are some close up shots.

I love the pineapples.  Apparently they are a symbol of hospitality so you should all feel very welcome looking at my dining room. 

It adds such a nice presence to the room. I also got the chance to finally get a picture of our dining room rug.

$40 at Goodwill. Don't you just love that place? It is in really good shape and the colors are just right for the house. 

My mind is whirling on all of the seating options that might work better though so this room still needs some loving before it is complete.

Anyone else stumble upon something wonderful? I just learned we have HomeGoods in our state so Daniel might have cause to be afraid.