Monday, October 22, 2012

It's Pumpkin Patch Time!

This has been one of my favorite traditions since moving to Seattle. There is just something inherently amazing about stomping through a muddy field hunting for that perfect pumpkin. Carlton Farms did not disappoint.

It took forever, but I found the perfect one.

My little pumpkin baby...

Little did it know it was going to soon become a gruesome monster.
Obligatory fire shot.

We just plopped down in front of our fire and carved away. I just love how they glow.


I also finally bit the bullet and cleaned up the office. Remember this?

Much better now.

Of course no matter what you are cleaning you always end up finding something and starting a new project right? I took some pinspiration from this picture and created a little card for Daniel using the scrap paper I had in the closet.

My monster brings flowers. How cute is that?

Anyone else love fall? The leaves are falling and everything just smells good. I think this just may be my favorite time of year.


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