Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Wicked Web we Weave

I've been eyeing Halloween door decorations for a while now (say since we moved in) and there are some pretty cute ones out there.

This one would be awesome if you had a way to cut out all those bats


And I've always loved this one. It is just too cute!

Frank door

So I thought to myself, what can I make that will look good and be entirely free? Spiderweb!

This project was super easy and very quick. Just grab some black electrical tape, some scissors and go to town. 

I went for the classic design. First you start with the spokes (look at all that light now that the trees are gone!)

Then cut pieces to make the "webbing". My only advice is to put the tape on the outside of your door or window. The backside of the tape looks a little different, so it is more dramatic to your guests on the outside.

There you have it. Simple, quick, and spooky. As to why I only went part way? I like the unfinished look and it does block the light, which I am loving right now, so I stopped when it felt right. You could even add a dangling spider to really top it off!

We still need to get pumpkins to carve but at least I'm finally getting in the spirit!


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