Monday, October 8, 2012

How's this For Getting Back on the Horse?

I mean house? Okay, so I've been gone too long. Work, life, the usual. Things progresses slowly around here from time to time and I just didn't have anything to talk about. That, and the office looks like this

You'll notice the present tense. Yes, it still looks like this. Long story, no story, we've had contractors in and out of our laundry room so I dumped everything in here. I've got a system.

As usual we've got four or five projects up in the air but I wanted to show you a pretty awesome (in my opinion) before and after in the kitchen.



Can you say wowza?

We were so not in any way ready to replace the stove but a few issues started happening. Namely, the stove top kept bursting in to flame if you tapped on the wrong part of the stove. You know how when you have a sore spot so you keep pressing it to remind yourself it hurts? Yeah, I had the same problem with the stove. We looked in to fixing it but decided that since we were planning to replace it we might as well do it now. May I introduce Bertha, our oven and a half.

So far, it is love. She is from GE. Luckily Home Depot is basically always having sales on their appliances so we got her at 10% off with free delivery and free haul-away putting the total at about $1999 all in. Not the cheapest stove but I love the half oven feature. Check it out.

She also sports a center griddle that can also be a huge burner. Pancakes anyone?

Of course, once we got the oven we decided it was high time to install the hood we had sitting in our bedroom for the last few months. What can I say, we're on top of things. 

As usual Daniel was tasked at getting the thing up while I managed things (which mostly means finding the screws he drops).

It was all covered in this white plastic, so when we opened the box I had a brief moment of panic that it was the wrong hood. Luckily it peels off really easily and protected the hood during install. The install was fairly easy and by the book. No secrets to share. Same with the electrical. I highly suggest getting a licensed electrician if you are at all uncomfortable with doing electrical work. So far Daniel has proven he knows what he is doing. (my general disclaimer)

So there you have it. Proof that we are still plugging along. I am bound and determined to have the kitchen officially done before we leave to visit family at the end of the month. I think I can do it.

So tell me, am I the only one who is having trouble keeping up with everything? To say we are behind is an understatement.



  1. So lovely. Will you be installing crown moulding?

  2. That is definitely the next step! It will look so much cleaner

  3. When you do it, can you share some detailed explanations of how you did it? My husband and I want to do crown moulding ourselves in our dining room but don't know anything!

    1. Sure Deborah! We've started it in part of the kitchen so I can tell you there is a lot of trial and error but it is totally doable! When we get the rest up I'll post something on it.