Monday, October 15, 2012

Jumping Junipers!

One of my resolutions this year was to give my house a bit of curb appeal. Boy was that a bigger can of worms than I thought. We started out with this

I swear there is a house in there somewhere. Of course it hasn't helped that I have been ignoring the problem for the last year, but I digress.

 First thing that had to go was that awful fence. It was completely rusted through in some parts. While Daniel did the removal I started on the mass of juniper. We got to about here before I gave up.

Can you see my path of destruction? I managed to bag and tag about half of the juniper while Daniel got out the entire fence.

After taking a few weeks off to recover (that stuff itches!) we finally got back out there and decided this would be the weekend. Everything must go!!

 Not too shabby right?

We were pretty lucky that some guy pulled up and asked to take away our fence (saves us the trip) so we managed to get everything pretty clean.

I did unearth some interesting artifacts hiding in the deep recesses of the Juniper Jungle.

Whomever lived here before must have had quite the menagerie of plastic animals. I have also found a giant beetle and a Lego shark. I'm starting a collection.

We are inching closer to our clean slate... I should have a pretty big reveal for tomorrow so stay tuned!


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