Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Spooky Mantle- 2012 Edition

I've actually had the mantle decorated since mid-September (weird I know but it was a matter of convenience). I basically reused what I had last year and mixed in a few things that were already there.

Here is 2011's version

Now for 2012

I didn't go quite as crazy with the spider webs this year because it turns out Daniel was right, they do make it hard to have a fire (and it certainly has been cold enough for them)

I filled my egg jar with skeleton heads which I thought was a nice nod to the macabre (get it? Nod?)

The book page pumpkins got a second showing. They were just so cute last year I was glad they held up in the decoration box.

Just simple changes. I'm trying to settle on a mantle that just needs little tweaks to become festive instead of tearing the whole thing down every time there is a holiday. So far it has been much less stressful, which is key. 

I've got lots of wood to stack today but I have to say I am loving my new open yard. Can't wait to show you more!

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