Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Spring Mantel

I'm not a big Easter person (not being religious or 5 will do that to you) but I love me some sparkles. After seeing a few glitzy Easter egg tutorials I thought why the heck not? So I booked it to Target and bought me some pretty eggs (in the colors I wanted) and got going.

Spray adhesive worked really well for the project. I just slapped some clear tape over the holes in the eggs, grabbed my coordinating glitter (I love Martha Stewart's glitter line) and sprayed away.

After some spraying and rolling I had these lovely sparkly eggs.

I also had club hand.

Note to self, wear gloves when using spray adhesive. It took three days to get all of the glitter off. Accidents in glitter aside it took about 30 min to do and then I let them dry for an hour before arranging them.

I still think it could use a really big mirror or something tall to add height. Daniel is holding out for a nice piece of art work so we are using what we have for now. I like the subtle nod to Easter and Spring without it beating anyone over the head.

Here's an up close and personal shot. Look at them sparkle!

TJ's had these beautiful lilies so I snatched up a few. I love lilies.  Daniel's bagel scale got an upgrade too.

There you have it, something in my house that doesn't look like a disaster. Score one for the team! Now if only drywalling would go so well.


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