Friday, March 30, 2012

Side Trip

After coming to the sad realization that our kitchen floors couldn't be salvaged we decided yesterday was as good as any to start the hunt for a new option. We went to all the usual places (Home Depot, Lumber Liquidators, etc) and checked out what they had. Guess what we came home with.

A blueberry bush.

Oh and a few others. We also brought home rhubarb, sweet peas, tomatoes, and strawberries. We couldn't decide on flooring but we could decide on fruit. Go figure. Home Depot was having a 50% off sale on their veggies and Costco had the blueberry. I just couldn't pass them up.

We did narrow down our options and hopefully after a bit more research we will be ready to bit the bullet. We've had plumbers in and out giving us quotes on moving our gas line so that should happen in the next week or so. It will be nice when I no longer have to cook with the stove in the middle of the kitchen. It feels like this project is finally moving along.

Anyone else go shopping for one thing and come home with another? That usually only happens to me at Target.

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