Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Vacation Photo Dump: Part 3 (and final!)

I've been nursing a migraine the last few days so not much is getting done around here. I blame the shock of going from non-stop sun to pouring rain. Seriously Seattle, Spring starts next week! Yesterday we had snow flurries, hail, pouring rain and blinding sun all in the matter of 30 min. It was crazy. So let's bask in a few more sunny pictures while we wait for the weather to turn.

This last set is a bit of a hodge-podge of pictures from my parent's house and the Huntington Library gardens. First off I should introduce you to the cast of characters that currently inhabits my parent's home.

There is Bubba- our rescue Pit Bull. He is the sweetest and stupidest dog I know.

And Nacho. My older brother's cat who now lives with them.

The Guinea Fowl- Or as I like to call them, the not-chickens.

Are they not the ugliest birds you've ever seen? Not only are they ugly they are insanely loud, but they are good at eating ticks and weeds (and everything else). My Dad enjoys them.

He also has two Peacocks that are currently dating.

 Well... he thinks they are dating, she could care less. Normally they have the run of the ranch too but they are worried she would run off and try to find a better mate. Sorry girl, this is as good as it gets.
If you've never seen a peacock showing off before it is quite the sight. It is also quite noisy. He rustles his feathers at her and they make the strangest sound. I'm looking forward to when he molts. Dad is saving the feathers for me. Now I just need to figure out what I'm going to do with them.

When we were at the Huntington Library we spent most of the time in the desert area with the succulents. I was playing with my fixed focal lens so I got some great detail shots.

We also managed to get to the Chinese Garden before we it closed. I wish we had more time there but it was beautiful.

Wouldn't this make a cool bathroom floor? Give me a bag of rocks and 10 years and I might be done.

There you have it. My vacation I wish I was still on. I've been having trouble getting back in to the swing of things but I'm hoping once my head stops hurting I will be more enthusiastic.

What's inspiring you all right now? Maybe I can siphon some of your enthusiasm for myself.


  1. Bubba and Nacho are adorable! I have such a soft spot in my heart for pits. Love them.
    It looks like a great vacation. Your parent's house has to be so much fun with all the critters.

  2. Oh, not-chickens. My grandparents had them while I was growing up. Most annoying birds on the planet.

    Glad you had a good time. Hope the head is feeling better!

  3. You have some beautiful photos there! I hope you plan to print and frame a few of them. I have a very simial picture of the garden's in Vancouver. Those stone floors are unreal! Hope you're feeling better!