Monday, March 19, 2012

Revving our Engines

The kitchen project has reached a point now where the next step is clearing the whole thing out. Yikes. That means all of the cabinets, appliances and what-not has to find a new temporary home until we can move everything back in again. All to pull up the floors. My plan is to have this done by the end of the week so we spent the weekend trying to figure out where things will go. We are back to using the library as a bedroom so hopefully we can use the master bedroom as a temporary kitchen until we are ready to put it all back together. Which gave me the kick in the pants I needed to finally get working on the closet. I know, it seems a bit backwards but believe me, it was necessary.

The major construction on the closet has been finished for weeks, but it has been looking like this for awhile now.

This weekend I finally got it cleared out and put together properly. See all that storage? Even with adding the Billy in the middle I still have the exact same amount of hanging room (thanks to the double rack on the right there).

Ok, I wish I could say I styled it up nice and pretty for you but in reality it now looks like this.

Yup, this is where my dishes and pantry are living while their homes are being relocated. At least all of my clothes fit now! Like I said, it was a necessary step to getting the kitchen cleared out. One day it will be beautiful and finished but until then just close your eyes and imagine it looks like this.

I love how this closet is organized

That's what I am doing.

Anyone else just wish this project was done? I'm raising my hand. So tell me, what do you when you get frustrated about lack of progress? I could use some advice. 


  1. Having the kitchen in the bedroom will definitely be a big motivator to get things done! And that closet is going to look GREAT when it's all said and done!

  2. The upside down feeling helps motivate but drives you a bit crazy. Hang in there! It will look amazing!
    We lived with the pantry in boxes and doing dishes in the tub for many months so trust me, it can be done!