Thursday, March 15, 2012

Birthday Boy!

It is my wonderful husband's birthday today so I thought I'd share a Keller tradition with you: The Birthday Tray.

Daniel's family has been doing this since Daniel and his sister were kids. Each year on your birthday you are woken up with a try of goodies. Nothing too big or amazing, just treats you don't normally get (Daniel is particularly fond of eclairs). Everyone presents the tray and sings and then everyone enjoys what is on the tray. It is a fun tradition that is about celebrating and not presents.

Can you guess how old he is?

Normally they do this while the person is sleeping and surprise them but we aren't big early morning risers in this family. I got to be part of a family birthday in Mexico this year and it was fun to be part of the whole family tradition.

We've got a fun dinner planned tonight and hopefully Daniel we take most of the day off so we can enjoy the rain together.

We don't usually do presents. Our favorite gift is a vacation so we are currently planning our 3rd Honeymoon (more on that tradition here). I love that we celebrate the old traditions while making some of our own as well. 

Anyone else have a fun birthday tradition? Or just a fun tradition in general? I may regret having all of these tasty bits around all day but you only get one birthday a year right?


  1. I LOVE this tradition!! very sweet and thoughtful.

  2. What a great tradition! I love this. Happy Birthday Daniel! Hope you two had a nice weekend celebrating!