Tuesday, March 27, 2012

This Old House

I love my house. I love how old it is, how unique it is, and all of it's twists and turns. So often we will be working on a project (or even just sitting around talking about our house, because that's how cool we are) and we will wish we had the original plans for the house, just to see what it used to look like. Like why the ceiling in the used-to-be breakfast nook is solid wood, or why one side of the internal chimney is sided with green siding. Who knows.

The kitchen, as noted above, has been full of strange quirks. I still have never understood why they put a nook there in the first place. What did the room used to be? As we uncover more and more of the floor other things have cropped up. Like this random floor transition in the middle of the room.

Was this really two rooms once? If it was they would have been two of the tiniest rooms in the world.

What about the phantom shelving in yesterday's reveal?

Was this room full of open shelving? I can just imagine what a cute little farm house kitchen this could have been. Part of me (ok, a lot of me) wishes the previous owners had left the kitchen as is just so I could have seen what the house was meant to look like (and saved a few thousand dollars on both our ends). I guess I'll have to be content with my imagination on this one.

What about you? Anyone else house or apartment have strange quirks that leave you scratching your head? I remember when we remolded the house I lived in as a kid we discovered a door behind the refrigerator. I still wish I had opened it just to see what was inside. 


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