Wednesday, April 11, 2012

April Showers

I've been secretly hating my bathroom for a few months now. Well, hate is a strong word. Let's say I love my bathroom but hate what it is doing to our relationship. The thing I love most about my bathroom is the tub.

It is just the right depth that I can really get a good soaking in there. I love it so much in fact that I take a bath about once a day. So what's bothering me? The water bills. That bath holds something to the tune of 300 gallons of water, which means, if both Daniel and I decide to become clean in the same day we have used around 600 gallons of water. Water = $$$. Lots. So Daniel has been after me to get the shower kit installed. We've talked about this before right? It has been one of those classic projects where nothing works the way you think it will and everything is 10X more expensive. Who knew polished brass was the most expensive option? Or that you can't find risers tall enough for anyone over 5'4" to shower under? It was a mess. 

Needless to say I finally worked it all out and ordered and waited and payed the money to find that the sales person had neglected to tell me I needed one more little piece. The one that holds the whole thing up. So the kit sat in the corner until we got another water bill (less this time but still bad) and I caved. A few more weeks and now I can finally shower in my bath.

You wouldn't think such a few pieces of metal could bring a woman to tears so many times but I have to say this has not been my favorite project. At least now I can say it is done! (Kitty likes it too)

So now, when you visit my house you can take a shower, or a bath. Your choice.

Daniel and I are off to the Museum today so maybe I'll find a bit of art for above the toilet. That place holder frame has been there too long.



  1. I love your bathroom! And that tub is drool worthy. Glad you can save some $$ now though!

  2. I love your tub!! I want one of those soooo bad! But I'd hate always having to take a bath!