Thursday, April 26, 2012

When Lilacs Last In the Dooryard Bloom'd

I'm not a huge Whitman fan but his Lilac poem always sticks with me. Yes, yes, I know it is ostensibly a poem about death, but to me, lilacs mean Spring. I always forget in the depths of winter how much I miss flowers and every year Spring seems almost miraculous to me. Things that I thought dead are now alive again (thankfully I'm a lazy gardener and don't pull things out just because they look dead). But I digress. Really this post is about my little window in the stair-well.

Since Spring has been springing I've been keeping flowers here to brighten my days and today the lilacs stole the show.

I love their delicate fragrance and the cute little milk glass vases. The stairwell is tight and they fill up the space with such a beautiful perfume (this is how I found out daffodils smell good). I love seeing them there as I go up and down for the laundry. Sometimes even the smallest detail can brighten a space. Need a pick-me-up? Put some flowers wherever you have space. They will most certainly brighten your day.


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