Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Curb Appeal

Not going to lie, we still haven't touched the front yard. It is going to be such a huge project that we are still budgeting and planning for how to tackle it all. Clearly this is not going to happen before the kitchen is done. But, it has been too nice the last few days to stay inside so I figured I'd get a little closer to bringing that much needed curb appeal to the house.

Remember last fall (on my last planting binge) when I worked on the curb strip? Well some how over the winter it went from this

to this

Apparently this is what happens if you don't weed. Live and learn right? I wasn't even sure what was still alive under all of that but a few hours later I had found my original plants. Then I added more (because more is better right?)

You can see my original plants didn't get very far. I added a few Euphorbia (top left) and some more gound cover type plants. The tree is still in the pot because I wanted to be able to keep using it at Christmas on the porch. Here's to hoping with some regular weeding they will thrive.

Anyone have any luck getting rid of crab grass? I swear that stuff has roots to China!


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