Monday, September 12, 2011

It's The Little Things

Yeah, we're those neighbors. The ones with the over grown yard encroaching on the street. I haven't had the time or dough to do what I really want with the front yard but I've been trying to keep it mildly under control (which I will admit is kind of a loosing battle).  What has been really been bothering me has been that little strip next to the street. The weather has not been helping either. It has been hot and dry. Dead grass as far as the eye can see. If it was just dead grass I might have been able to ignore it a bit longer but this was just getting silly. 

Yeah, that's attractive.  Definitely time for a makeover!

Here's the new planter. I kept it simple and cheap with small plants that I know will grow over the fall.

Here's the street view. It looks diminutive now but when the Stonecrop get to their mature 10-18" height and width and the vinca spreads out and covers the bed it will be lovely.

Stonecrop on the right, vinca on the left.

Here is what the Stonecrop will look like when it matures (taken from my iPhone)

I wanted to pick perennials only for this spot for now since I really just wanted something that looked good year round. The Stonecrops were 5$ (I got 4) and the Vincas were 8$ for a 6 pack (I got 2). It made for a pretty cheap bed and I know it will fill out over time.

There is still tons to do with the front yard. I want to remove all of the really big trees so that you can actually see the house and replace some of them with more open and airy trees. and get rid of that horrible metal fence. So much to do as usual. But now at least I am not ashamed of my weed choked front planter.


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  1. It will look great when it all grows in! We are those neighbors too. One of these days when it cools off we'll tackle the front of the house ;)