Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Wining Again

I love corks. I hoard save them religiously and since we drink a fair bit of wine they have been piling up over the years. There are some seriously fun cork projects out there (thank you Pinterest). Here are a few of my favorites

How cool is this backsplash?

Or this wall art in Anthropologie?


I love this cork ball from Glam Granola and the recent Pinterest challenge

But I decided on making one of these


I did mine a little different though. Here's my finished results

I decided I liked the look of the corks on their sides because then you can see the different labels. 

As to the process:

Step 1: Trace a really big letter on to a piece of cardboard.

I just used some scrap cardboard and a straight edge.

Step 2: Cut out your letter

Step 3: Hot glue corks on to the surface. I started in one corner of each arm and worked my way out. There will be gaps but the corks are easily cut down to size.

Step 4: Enjoy the end result

You can see here how I had to cut down the little corks to fill in the edges. Again, it was really easy to do. My one piece of advice is to make sure when you are making your letter to measure out how big your corks are and how many you want on an arm. I cut my letter to be slightly smaller than two corks wide to keep the cardboard from showing.

For now it lives in the library on the TV wall

I'm really into monograms right now and they are popping up all over the house. Hopefully my husband stops me before I get to crazy with them. What about you? Do you drink so much you're drowning in corks like us? Any good ideas for them? One day I'd like a wall... 


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  1. That is just too neat! I was planning on doing something similar with buttons but I think I like this even better!

    A Sweet Release