Friday, September 23, 2011

Tuxedo Pillow DIY

I'm not quite as obsessed as Sherry over at Young House love is about pillow covers but these ones might turn the tide.

Check these out

Via E Tells Tales

E is great. You can buy them at her Etsy store or you can make one yourself following her easy tutorial. I'm cheep so I made mine. I wont bore you with the details since she explains how to make them better than I could but I will show you how I modified mine. Here he is:

See the difference? I left off the bow. I think it makes it a bit more masculine (which my husband appreciates) and I have it to add later if I want. I'm calling mine the tuxedo pillow. This is for the master bed, maybe it needs a friend? Something with ruffles? I used a heavy linen and I love the texture that it lends, a perfect accent pillow. Even if you are a beginner sewer this is super easy and fun to do. In fact I made more bow things (more on that later) 


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  1. Your pillow looks great! Thanks for the link to the directions. I'm definitely checking them out.

  2. Lindas as almofadas, parece me muito elegante.