Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Library-Office Swicheroo

I swore when I moved that couch it would be the last time but somehow my couch has made a liar out of me yet again. A few weekends back we began the horrendous fun process of turning the office into a library and the library into an office. It definitely served to renew my hatred of my couch. We know this couch is not permanent. It doesn't fit anywhere in the house but it is what we have but we are not ready to buy another one right now. That being said, you can now see the new library.

Before (As an office)

Now (As Library)

As you can see it is absolutely tiny in there with the big couch and closet but once we get the right furniture and deal with the closet space it will be great. It is nice being upstairs when we watch tv and Daniel really likes having the office a little more separate from the living area of the house. 

Since the pictures give no indication of how the room is actually laid out here is a mock up of the floor plan with everything that is currently in the space.

Hopefully that makes is clearer as to what is where. We are still working on the great TV debate (we've got 30 days to decide) and I'm keeping my eyes open for a new couch. I've got some great inspiration for the room so I'm excited to see it come together.



  1. This is going to look fantastic! How I would love to have my very own library... And that bench idea just sounds like a dream come true!

    A Sweet Release

  2. I really like the pillows on the couch! I haven't told you in a while but your house looks fantastic! You are doing a great job (and giving me lots of ideas)

  3. I love the proposed layout. The built in bookcase and bench will be awesome. Have you picked out stuff for the gallery wall yet?