Friday, September 9, 2011

Welcome to My Life

You may remember from this post we are in the middle of wiring for the new tv. That means my house looks like this right now

Don't even ask what the living room looks like, it's scary. No matter how much I clean we just have to get the tools out again so I've given up completely until this project is done. Sometimes a girl just has to know when to give it a rest right? I see major cleaning in my future especially with my father in law stopping by on Saturday to see the house. If it looks like this he might start having flashbacks to when Daniel still lived at home. Gotta love messy boys right?

All the mess aside I'm excited about getting the library set up (I'll let you in on all my plans for it soon I promise).  Right now the biggest question is which TV we are going to pick. You heard me, we bought two (count em two) TV's to help us make the decision (one is going back once we decide). The problem is that the new library is tiny and a walk through so there wasn't much wall space.

Here's the big one- 40" (the perspective is from me sitting on the couch)

Here's the angle from the corner of the room. 

Here's the little one (should say littler since it is still 32") from the couch

From the corner (without me getting rid of all the wires, sorry). 

My iPhoto skills extended so far so bear with me on the imagining (my new computer came yesterday though and is waiting to be set up yay!).

The plan is to do something like this with the wall

I'm leaning towards the smaller one but (get this) it is actually more expensive and not as nice as the larger one. I'm having trouble deciding since right now they remind me way too much of college dorm living (we've got the crappy hand me down couch and a poster on the wall to boot) but I think once I get up the frames either could be nice.

What do you think? Bigger or smaller? Or do we need to put the frames up first before deciding? You know I appreciate your input.


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  1. I'd go with the smaller one. The 40 inch is great but since it gets so close to your trim I think the spacing looks a little off. Can you look for better quality TVs at that size?