Friday, September 16, 2011

Frame Up

As I said here, I knew I needed something to help balance out the offset placement of our new TV in the library. This was obviously not the look I was going for

Holy giant TV Batman! I loved the look of mismatched frames around the TV (as seen on my inspiration board) so off to the thrift store for some over sized frames (I decided I wanted mostly larger frames because the TV is so large). I used the same method I used in the hallway and cut out news paper to fit my frames and arranged them on the wall to play with the layout.

Here is the concept

And the finished result

I'm still looking for two frames for the top but I so far I like how it is coming together. I am thinking a mix of botanical and Audubon prints so echo the library theme for the room and maybe a few black and whites of us (that pink matting is a kick isn't it?). I probably spent around 40$ for all the frames which is a steal considering they are almost as big as the TV. I am pretty sure I will keep the missmatched look going since with the unified art it wont look quite so all over the place but we will see. Art will have to wait until there are funds for it (sorry Art).

So here is the question for you, how many gallery style walls are too many for one house? I have one more to put up in the dining room that we had from our ole apartment (i'm waiting for paint). Is that gallery over load?


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