Thursday, September 29, 2011

Making Do

Sometimes you just have to make the best out of what you already have. The bathroom vanity is definitely one of those cases. I do not like it. At. all. It is big and clunky and has these ridiculously deep drawers that just cause everything to run together and make a mess. For being so huge it seriously lacks storage.  Since replacing it is not in the cards right now I figured I could at least make it work. So here it is. The most boring and un-beautiful before and after.



I grabbed some scrap wood from another project and cut it down to make some dividers. The drawers are made out of some really cheap MDF which I thought about painting but decided it really wasn't worth the effort.

The nice thing about how deep these drawers are (7 inches deep to be exact) is that toothpaste and bottles stand up in them. Now with the dividers in place they don't fall all over themselves every time I open and close the drawer which I appreciate.

There you have it. The most boring, but surprisingly functional, before and after ever. Still, I wont cry when I can swap it out for something more like this


Or maybe more traditional like this


A girl can dream right? Anyone else having to make do? Like Anna from Directions Not Included said "I wish we all had money trees!" Can I get an Amen?!?!



  1. That was very resourceful of you. Those drawers are awful but you made them so much more practical.

  2. That looks really functional and will save you time and money, for sure. I do love the other bathrooms, particularly the smokey grey walls.