Monday, April 30, 2012


For Christmas my father got Daniel and me a home wine making kit (coolest gift ever right?). It's no secret that we love wine (hello, we devote an entire meal to it once a week) and we've always been interested in the process so it was the perfect gift for us.

It got put on hold for our Mexico trip but when we came back we got it going. The process is pretty involved so I wont tell you all about it, but so far it has been pretty neat. Last week we racked the first fermentation in to our carboy. No idea what that means? It looked something like this

Yes we are making bathtub wine.  The pets found it pretty interesting. Apparently wine is as fascinating as water.

Norman just wanted to drink it. We've got about 28 days until bottling and then 2-3 months before the wine is ready to consume. I still need to come up with a label and all of that but I can tell you now it will be Cabernet Sauvignon wine when we are done. There are some seriously cute labels out there so I've got some fun ahead of me on that.

I'll keep you posted on how the wine is turning out. We plan to do half sized bottles as well as whole to easily do taste checks as it ages. Anyone know of any pitfalls I should be looking out for? So far we are just following the directions and hoping for the best.


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  1. Awesome! My husband makes his own wine at home, but his equipment is much smaller! It's so cool!