Monday, April 23, 2012

Reclaiming Some Space

The front porch was one of the selling points of this house, but, for the last few months it has looked like this

and then like this

Not exactly peaceful or useful. This weekend it was so nice I just couldn't take it any more. I finally took charge (in between spackling and sunning) and moved the last bits of drywall away.

 Much better right? Now I can finally show off the planters I finished last weekend.

Now on warm days we can sit and sip wine and watch the sun set.


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  1. I love your porch! It's so pretty now that you can see it! ;)

  2. Thanks Ashley! I love our porch. We have a little view and it is set high off the street so it feels like you can actually sit on it.

  3. Love it!! The porch is great and I love all the touches you added to it!

  4. That's gorgeous! From the first photos you wouldn't know what beauty lurked underneath, but this is totally awesome. Enjoy the sunsets.