Monday, May 23, 2011

Starting a blog (or, how I stopped hating and learned to love DIYing)

Ok, I know everyone has a blog. Seriously, everyone. And believe me, when we started looking to buy a house, starting a blog was the last thing I was planning to do. But then the obsession began...

It all started innocently enough. The first house we bid on needed a LOT of work (I mean tear down a few walls, gut the bathroom kind of work) so I started looking in to how realistic it would be to do things ourselves. It didn't take long to stumble across the blogs Centsational Girl and Young House Love. If you have not read them before let me tell you, you are missing out my friends (says the dealer to the junkie). I was hooked! Between the practical advice and the amazing ideas it was hard not to feel like you could do anything you wanted to really make the house everyone dreams of out of wherever you live. These weren't the people in House Beautiful or Architectural Digest (another addiction) who have million dollar homes and endless decorating budgets, these were real people living in real houses. And they were making them look fabulous!

I mean seriously, can you tell which is which?

Of course like any drug, once you start you need more and more to satisfy those urges. Suddenly it wasn't enough that they posted daily, I needed more to read! That's when I discovered their lists of favorite blogs. I thought I had died and gone to heaven. There are so many people doing such beautiful work making their houses into homes. And the best part? They post it all for the world to see! How great is that??

So back to my original "but Emily, everyone has a blog". I say, so what!?!? There is nothing I like better than to spend an afternoon reading through blog posts getting new ideas, and there can never be too many ideas. As I know from being a teacher, we don't all learn the same way. Sometimes it takes that new perspective or way of explaining how something is done for you to really understand. Hopefully, I can show some other new home owner something to help them love their home just like the people who came before me did.

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